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How do I volunteer? 

Visit: or call Nancy Cooke at 754-246-8111

What is the Republican platform? 


How do I learn about candidates in Florida?

 Visit the Department of State for a comprehensive list at

How do I register to vote or change my party affiliation? 


How do I attend a political event? Visit local GOP's website

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Find Your Polling Place 

and Precinct

Not sure where to vote?

You can check your voting location and your precinct information by clicking on the link below.

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Help Us Register

More Conservatives

Sign up to volunteer today and help us register more conservatives in Weston. Let's turn Weston red together!

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Register to Vote


Voter Registration/Change Party Affiliation

In Person:

The Supervisor of Elections Main Office

115 S. Andrews Avenue Room 102 Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33301

Office Number – (954) 357-7050

New Florida voters must be registered at least 29 days before an election, to vote in that election.

After completing the voter registration application, it can be mailed or delivered to the Supervisor of Elections office. A voter identification card will be mailed to the applicant approximately 2-3 weeks after the application is processed.

Request an Absentee/Vote by Mail Ballot

Absentee Ballots For more information about absentee voting and requesting to pick up ballots, please click on one of the following links:

- Absentee Ballot Request Form

- Affidavit to Pick Up a Ballot for a Voter

- Absentee Ballot Affidavit and Instructions

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